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Ti ,rri ne mua ,ne te gjitha format e mundeshme,
si trasparence qielli ,si ajer ,si fryme.
Ti rri aty ,ne deshiren sublime,
pa asnje detyrim.

Ne qetesine time,je aty,
pa folur ,pa bere asnje zhurme,
si ky det vere,pa dallge,
qe kerkush s,e perkund.


Dashuria e pare nuk harrohet, si mendoni ju?

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Writing and reading love poetry is a way to get in touch with your inner feelings about the emotions of loving and being loved. Love poetry spans emotions from hate and despair to admiration and adulation. The poems offered here reflect that diversity. Love poetry is not only for "lovers" but speaks to anyone who has experienced the desire to be loved... that is it speaks to everyone. We hope you enjoy the love poems offered by